The newer challenges the organisations face in today's market condition is to protect against fraud, data theft and meet ever changing legislative and regulatory requirements, within budgetary constraints. Organisations need to adapt and implement right technology (qualified methods and tools) in order to address these challenges.

SAP BusinessObjects GRC is a comprehensive tool from SAP for companies to manage their Governance, Risk and Compliance effectively.

We at S P A believe that "Governance, Risk and Compliance require embedding organisation's values into the business process and understanding and proactively managing the risks, in addition to implementing IT solutions."

We help organisations establishing GRC needs and align and optimise processes to meet those needs. Building upon your existing systems and processes, our proven methods can deliver cost effective approaches that provide the right information at the right time, taking advantage of new technologies where appropriate. This will enable your business to monitor critical processes, ensure compliance with industry and regulations and report to the board of directors.

S P A GRC Services

S P A offers a variety of services - tailored to the industry sectors

  • Control Automation Assessment
  • Implement or Upgrade
  • Reporting and Maintenance
  • Remediation and Improvement

Control Automation Assessment

  • Client requirements assessment to automate SAP controls monitoring and user provisioning
  • SAP GRC suitability assessment, high level costs and feasibility
  • Independent analysis and objective advice on the use of GRC and other tool requirements

Implementation and Upgrade

  • Installation, setup and upgrades
  • Rule design, configuration and testing (Segregation of Duties)
  • Elevated access setup
  • User provisioning workflow design and configuration
  • IDM integration
  • Role build automation
  • Process control implementation
  • Regulatory and industry specific process control
  • Elevated access setup
  • Custom report development
  • VIRSA to GRC upgrades